Beach Ready - The Infinite Possibilities of The Impossible (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Infinite Possibilities of The Impossible is one part of a series of short films that explore the philosophy of absurdism in collaboration with the sublime and dystopian landscapes of the United Arab Emirates. A central focus is the Essay by Albert Camus the Myth of Sisyphus.

Through the mediums of performance, sound, and moving image the film provides the viewer an insight into the philosophy of absurdism from the great thinkers Albert Camus and Franz Kafka. To question the viewer why we search for meaning in life. To ask the viewer if they accept that life is absurd. From this point of acceptance, can we then rebel against the absurd to live a full, exciting, free, and diverse life in the present?

When Beach Ready (Christopher Cordoba) was commissioned to write the score for this award winning film by Abu Dhabi based artist,Spencer Hogg, he firstly considered the psychological and visual elements of a film without dialogue and a lone character walking across several different desert landscapes. isolation and absurdist humour being the name of the game.

What transpires is music that compliments the visual (Cordoba and Hogg have been friends since childhood) but also stands alone as a sometimes meditative ambience, simultaneously, the undertow of terror never lurks far away.
Beach Ready with more Urgent Ambience.
The vastness of the landscape is reflected in this music but so is the isolation of a lone traveller on a path that he is compelled to pursue.
Yes, life is absurd but it's all worth it to create music and art like this.

During the writing of this first BR soundtrack album, Cordoba drew upon influences as disparate as Angelo Badalementi, Mica Levi, Ahmad Jamal, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Burial and Pauline Oliveros. The Myth of The Mountain part 2 bears comparison to the finely nuanced works of Arvo Pärt.

But this is very much a 2024 Beach Ready journey that bears continual and repeated listens.

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