Adam Majdecki-Janicki - Klanglandschaft-Fabrik

Klanglandschaft-Fabrik is Adam Majdecki-Janicki's new work for Snow in Water Records. His co-operation with our label began in 2020 with Eimi, a well-received experimental album. Lots of albums for Snow in Water followed Eimi. In the latest one, Klanglandschaft-Fabrik, Adam explores his inspirations with Kluster, Zodiak Free Arts Lab, Maurizio BIanchi, Peter Frohmader, "Zeit", noise, drone, and the work of Eliane Radigue. The album was also inspired by the dadaist and surrealist movement and the polish musician form Poznan tries here to encapsulate the decadent times in sound. Klanglandschaft-Fabrik is for those days when you need to listen to a landscape, so in that sense, the album is similar to Eimi - being more a landscape than a composition per se. If you liked Eimi you won't be disappointed. As Adam says: "I can't really write about my art, my work, my music, so it's best to let the work speak for itself ; I suppose a more eloquent artist could write volumes about my new album, but I will only say I used tapes, electric guitar, and synthesizers to create what you absorb at the moment - so, stay inspired and please support Snow in Water Records!".

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