The two albums of O Indio are released at Snow In Water Records


The two albums of O Indio are released at Snow In Water Records!

Shadow Puppet (release date: 07/01/2024)
A shadow is the negative reflection of light projecting onto something. It only exists because of the ephemeral object the light passes through. A puppet is a creature that is manipulated by something else. It only exists if there is something to control it. Think of shadows as the shifting landscape that your puppet body is strolling through, pretending there is stability in a highly unstable life. Even if it is the other way around, the soul remains the flickering object at the centre of the room. The broken spoken words you hear mumbled on this record are the crawling songs of O Indio finding a way back to the source.

M (release date: 18/01/2024)
M. is a four way intersection; two collisions tracked in real time. The male and female voice crash into Eastern raga and Western harmony. The human mind creates categories to better understand what it cannot control. Testing these edges was our small act of sonic rebellion from inside the cage of the binary.

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