Tjitske Jansen & Nicolas Tourney - Transmissions

The sound space projects the capture like an echo that resonates in two places: the reverberation of the absent and the present of the listener. Voices, empathies, perceptions build the body of the other as a world where speech is far from the present (that of recording, that of broadcasting). The technique of transmissions allows a description that ceaselessly saves a representation, as if one were desecrating the space of a "solitude" by producing it in a desert of waves. The trace of a passage, the moving sounds of voices, motivated by a statement that becomes different, make any listening an imprint. The plot is obviously not to be sought in the question of language, but in a body which projects and communicates in the surf of a borderline image - an image as certain as it is excessive. Tjitske Jansen & Nicolas Tourney archive here a presence which, from moment to moment, crosses the material of habitats to bear witness to a vibrant border.

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