Seuil Optique - Oaks


The fourth album of Seuil Optique, "Oaks", is now available at Snow in Water Records (release date : 22 September 2020).

Seuil Optique offers a unique experience of listening to music in the dark. Immersing the stage and the public in constant darkness, Seuil Optique creates soundscapes where electronic transmissions, acousmatic landscapes and refined drones intersect. By jostling the boundaries between listening, blind manipulation of machines and immersive experience offered to the audience, Seuil Optique explores new sound tracks, in permanent dialogue with hybrid musicalities and the practice of singular instruments.

On stage, Seuil Optique uses deliberately “open” improvisation strategies and defeat the boundaries between manipulating machines in the dark, harmonics tinged with noise-producing materials and the “eyes closed” hearing experience offered to the public.

Seuil Optique builds frescoes where electronic impulses, slow gestures and acoustic responses intersect: "Oaks", their fourth album, tells the story of an eyeless camera, of a journey beyond the screen. An ephemeral present filled with the memory of this interior film that everyone projects on their eyelids in the evening, sublimating at night into an Absolute composed of expectations.

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