Venus by Day - Call for Remix

Venus by Day - Call for Remix
Deadline: December 31st 2020

Photo credits: Udo Prinsen

Raphael Vanoli is a rare guitarist, working on the different modes of attacking the strings. His musical approach linked to breathing allows his sound creations to be recognized from the first notes. It makes visible a musical world, where it enlarges the microscopic rustling produced by the electric guitar. Working on the amplification and spatialization of sound, Raphael Vanoli produced a surprising first solo album, Bibrax, acclaimed by the specialized press. Here in Venus by Day, he continues this collective work, with 22 musicians, and invites us to a surprising encounter between drone music, free improvisation and baroque counterpoint.

Raphaël Vanoli (Guitars, Electronics)
Wolfert Brederode (Piano)
Hilary Jeffery (Tuba, Trombone)
Frank Rosaly (Electronics, Synth)
Gerri Jäger (Cymbals, Electronics)
Niels Meliefste (Marimba)
Sandhya Sanjana (Voice)
Bien de Moor (Voice)
Lena Glücksmann Nilsson (Voice)
Ensemble Silbersee: Glenn Helberg (Text, Voice), Jennifer van der Hart (Soprano) Fanny Alofs (Alto), Łukasz Wilda (Tenor), Maciej Straburzynski (Bass)
Sandor Caron (Mix, Mastering)
Udo Prinsen (Film Director)
Klaus Vanoli (Visuals)


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